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Welcome to ekstasis!



We are Here to Serve

We are catalysts. We help make things move into positive action. We assist individuals, couples, groups, businesses and communities in making the necessary shifts in consciousness as efficiently and gracefully as possible.

At ekstasis, we are experts in assessing what is most needed and creating a custom designed program to fit your unique situation, whether in business or in your personal life. Combining leading edge creative process facilitation tools with ancient wisdom practices, we help you get results that support sustainability, innovation, whole person well-being and productivity.

Who We Serve
  • Those who are passionate about making a difference and feeling called to lead the way
  • People with big ideas who need support staying inspired or focused in making their dreams come true
  • Leaders who want to create a team that is fully engaged, creative and productive
  • Pioneers who need help to move beyond a stuck place, or who are at a plateau and wish to move beyond that stasis
  • Business owners who have a good thing going and want to be more efficient, effective, creative and inspired
  • Folks who have become burnt out from doing service work and need a way to move forward that is productive AND sustainable
  • Successful business people who have "been there, done that" and now want to do something that truly serves the greater good
  • Those sincerely ready for radical creativity and conscious positive change!

What's Up

Change is inevitable. In these pivotal times, all territories of our lives are up for review. Our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, environmental, social and relational realities are all being touched by the changes. Many are living on their edge as economic concerns create heightened stress leading to deteriorating health, dwindling creativity, reactivity and a focus on survival. A signifincant part of our population is living a life that is out of balance. This pattern is simply not sustainable.

It's essential that we wake up to the call for radical transformation that's touching all levels of our lives. How we do things is now as important as what we do. Awareness is the starting point. From here we can clarify our intentions, begin to dream a new world into being and thus transform our reality. This is achieved practically with empowered thinking, useful skills, embodied creativity, a true nurturing of our body minds and spirits and a sincere openess to life.

As we step forward into new and more conscious ways of being in the world, we realize we are part of a greater movement. As we claim our gifts to this world, we are more capable of making a difference.

Individuals and organizations are hearing the call to step forward to make a difference now... are you one of them?

The Meaning of "ekstasis"
(pronounced: eck-STA-sis)

A Greek derivative, "ex-stasis" means to move forward and beyond the status quo. To us, ekstasis represents a natural evolving  presence, that integrates continuous improvement, innovation, vitality, enthusiasm and well-being. In this state we naturally honor our whole selves and live in alignment with the truth of who we are and with life itself.

ekstasis represents our deep longing for fulfillment by continually challenging and moving beyond limitations that no longer serve us. In so doing, we open to the movement of life that is guided by our hearts and Spirit within. When we open to the path of infinite possibilities, life is experienced as truly abundant, joyful and full of grace!

The Bottom Line

Through masterful leadership, coaching, consulting and facilitation, ekstasis assists people and organizations in moving beyond their limiting "status quo" into the freedom and realization of their next level of performance, productivity, creative expression and consciousness.

Contact us for more information and to find out how we might be of greatest assistance to you and your people. It is our great joy to offer our gifts!

William - (707) 318-9565 | Quiana - (707) 318-8824